I’ve got a few things on my mind tonight, and as I’m pulling yet another double shift tomorrow, I’m going to lay these down now, because I admittedly might miss our appointment.

This week has been absolutely bonkers for me, and it’s only going to speed up in the next 72 hours. I’ve been working very long days, with 6am starts, leading to double shifts, with lots of hauling stuff around and making up for the slack of one particular co-worker.  I come home, do some writing, make some food, catch the news to make sure nothing cataclysmic has gone down, and hit the sack.

My mind has been even more active. I’m trying to take it easy and live in the moment, but my mind keeps wandering to the future…where I’m going, why I’m going there, who’s coming with me, that sort of thing. I keep going, round and round, and excited and scared and then I’m even more exhausted than I was to begin with. So I take a pause. Live in the moment. Enjoy the ups. Roll off the downs. Hope the ones you like (and the new one you have a huge crush on) want to come with on the journey. That’s all I can do. All I can say to myself. It’s a bit unwieldy and wordy for a tattoo, but the feeling of wanting to keep it with me isn’t waning. I mean, it’s not as awesome as this tat, but what could be?

(I sort of wish this was me, but I’m also happy it’s not)