Speaking as someone who rarely eats lunch (I’ve been like this most of my life, I’m really more of a late breakfast/brunch person) I must tell you, I did in fact eat the mid-day meal today. More out of boredom than necessity – which is often how things go wrong – I picked up a simple salad at Chipotle and tucked in. Oh man. Their corn is so damn good.

But what should happen? I feel like DEATH. Lunch is evil!! My stomach simply can’t handle it.

Then to make it worse I had a cupcake. Blergh. Such an idiot. I think because I’m working and working out so much my body thinks it needs fuel even when it’s in resting mode, and now I’m about to crash, and hard. I’m thinking 1 or 2 episodes of Dexter (catching up on Season 4, and yes, I know what happens because I’m a cheater and I read about it online) then a shower and bed. Tomorrow is another double shift and unless I want to recreationally start doing speedballs, I’m going to need some rest. Adieu.