Greetings from Wednesday.

For reasons multiple,  I’m not in the best of moods. Though I have a really lovely evening lined up for tonight (friends! theatre! food! a trip to a bar that has a TARDIS…seriously!) all I want to do is curl up on the sofa, sleep and be left alone. Why is this?

The first thought is that I’m sick with worry. A dear friend is currently stranded in Paris, having been barred reentry to the UK, where he lives – he’s an American, and his visa is about to expire, but there’s no reason not to let him collect his belongings and go. He’s being forced to head straight back to the states and I’m waiting to receive him, though I’ve just gotten word that scheduling issues with his flights have delayed his arrival even further. Argh.

Other possibilities? Add-ons, if you would?

Mayhaps it is my hormones. I really should keep a better watch on them. Or perhaps it’s the absolute skullfucker of a headache I’ve currently got going, because I decided to be healthy and have juice instead of coffee – which I’ll remedy shortly, because I just ate the better part of a bottle of Advil and my brain is still throbbing. Or I feel grouchy and insecure about current goings on in relationships.  It’s like a perfect storm to make a woman insane…worry, hormones, caffeine withdrawl and relationship nerves….the true test is if I can just ride out the crazy (keeping it all on the inside, and not starting my own insane webcast, where I’ll proclaim that I too am ingesting tiger blood) then hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have returned to a semblance of my normal self. We shall see.