I’ve just gotten off the phone with one of the best friends I’ll ever know in this life…my B! She is a regular reader of this blog (God love her), so I thought I would give an internet-wide shout-out to my best friend.

B and I have been friends since the womb. No, for reals. Our parents are also friends, and our mothers were pregnant with us at the same time. Even though I sneakily escaped from Uterus City a month before she did, I’ve always felt that we were really just sisters from separate gene pools. We even share the same pale, dark, good looks 🙂 We also share a love for romantic comedies, books geared towards teenagers, and the need to plan things in advance.

One of my favorite memories of college was driving from New York to Boston to visit her at school. We hung out, walked around the pond (where I pocketed a rubber duck, which I still have somewhere) and watched Legally Blonde in her room. And I got a sweatshirt from her school – I collect uni sweatshirts, it’s a weird thing I like – gave her a hug, and was on my way. It was so much fun. That’s the kind of silly, relaxing stuff you can do with a best friend, but because they mean so much to you, and time with them is precious, even the ordinary stuff becomes the kind of thing you remember forever.

Some friends drift apart with adulthood. You move to a new state, get a job, get married. Your priorities change. Not us. We actually drifted closer, if that’s possible. I’m like that piece of debris from the sinking Titanic and she is Kate Winslet, holding on to me. We drift together through arctic waters. Leonardo DiCaprio? No thanks. We don’t need him. We’re drifting just fine, thank you very much.

Though B works in a high-powered, intense job, and is happily married and expecting her first child (yay!) she always makes time for me, which means so much. Right now, my dad is really sick…again. And she’s offered multiple times to fly hours (whilst pregnant) just to see me and be there in support. Not a lot of friends do that in sincerity. But she does. And we’ll do that for each other for the rest of our lives. Through all those big growing up moments. It’s nice to know you don’t have to do it alone. And that someone else will always want to make plans with you.