Greetings, fellows.

I write to you from a small coffee shop (with unparalleled lattes and cheese scones) at the foot of the Appalachian mountains. It’s beautiful. Looking up into the fog drifting slowly down the foothills, I keep thinking that I should be hiking through those mountains, stretching mind and body, rather than doing lessons plans, and getting distracted by blogging.

I’m thinking of taking a Mulligan on my 20s (my 29th birthday is next month, and though I’m not technically out of the woods yet, I feel emotionally as if I’m already 30, so that’s that) and hitting the reset button on my life. In one way, I’m fortunate to feel like there’s so much possibility to begin anew – not everyone feels that comfortable and strong in their ability to start again in a new place, with another job, meeting new people, and so on. Now, this isn’t 100% by any means – I still plan on heading back to New York when my contract here ends and seeing if we (NYC and I) can fall back in love again. I don’t think my ex-boyfriend and I can find that though. That chapter is closing. Not sure about my job either. There are a lot of skeletons in New York’s closet. But there are so many great things too. The city, for one. I’m never bored. The amazing network of friends I’ve got there. Theatre. Movies. There’s so much good.

But the idea of a clean start is so appealing to me. I just can’t get it out of my head….I guess we’ll have to see. I think I’d have to do a bit of travelling to find that place….the place I’d be happy ushering out my 20s and welcoming in the next stage…

Now onto the generosity portion of this post. I’m typing from a computer (a netbook, technically) that a dear friend simply gave me out of the kindness of his heart! (That and the fact that he had several lying around.) My friend Chris, who is married to my dear and wonderful friend Meghan, writes software, and is kind of a huge deal in his field. Subsequently, there is top of the line technology scattered all over their flat. So when I was there last week for a drink, he asked if I knew anyone who needed a laptop. Long story short, this little machine is a beauty. Fast, lightweight, perfect. It’s like having a Pegasus at the Kentucky Derby. I’m still very humbled by the generosity shown me.