Being a 20something urbanite, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’ll own at least one piece of IKEA furniture. Quick, inexpensive, and simple to put together. We’ve all got something from there – the ubiquitous Billy Bookshelf, a bureau, a chest of drawers.

When I made my first IKEA purchase for my new home last month I was thrilled. A new bed! The Fjellse model to be exact. I went to IKEA Brooklyn and bought it, along with the necessary support slats. I put it together with ease.

Imagine my surprise when less than one month later, at 5am, the main crossbeam of the bed abruptly shattered, sending me tumbling to the ground in a shower of terrified panic and splintered wood. Important sidenote: I’m not obese. There was no reason for the wood to break. When the bed is put together correctly and the inhabitant is of normal weight, for the product to shatter out of nowhere is completely insane.

So I calmly did what made sense to me. I photodocumented  the entire incident before calling the IKEA hotline. Have you seen my pictures? I put them on Facebook, for the whole internet to see.!/media/set/?set=a.613538262363.2100449.12201992&type=1

I spoke to a representative who told me to email my story, along with the photographs, to their customer service department and I would be contacted shortly thereafter.

The IKEA rep who contacted me days later was BEYOND rude. I, a normally calm and relaxed person, nearly flew into a rage.  Here’s what I was told:

*Despite photodocumenting the entire incident, I was not believed. The only way to obtain a refund for my fault bed (whose breaking, it was acknowledged, was not my fault) was to bring the entire frame back to Brooklyn. To do that, I would have to take a $50 cab ride. I explained that the cab ride would cost as much as the frame itself. I asked if there could be a guarantee that I would be reimbursed for the cab ride, to which the customer service rep rudely responded “We’re not having this conversation over the phone.” I was speechless. How dare she?

*Getting to IKEA Brooklyn is difficult but not impossible via public transit. It’s 2 trains and a bus away for me. I offered bring the much smaller broken pieces of the bed back for the refund. This was deemed unacceptable. They also refused to come pick up the broken bed from my apartment. I offered to meet them halfway by coming to Brooklyn with the broken pieces and it was thrown back in my face.

Where is all this now? I’ve received 4 indifferent emails from 4 different customer service reps, refusing to budge. I’m so enraged that a company that claims to be about creating homes in small urban spaces can be so unmoving when it comes to the problems of city living! I know this can’t be the first time this has happened. IKEA Brooklyn knows it caters largely to the NYC population, who don’t have access to cars, and couldn’t possibly transport large items back to them via subway.

So here’s what I say to you, friends. IKEA is a crock. Especially IKEA Brooklyn. I need your help to get the word out about this, how terrible their practices are, and the rudeness of their customer service. Please tell your friends who are looking for furniture to try elsewhere:, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Container Store, Local furniture stores. I ended up getting a new, better, bed from Sleepys. Look anywhere else for your needs. IKEA will completely hang you out to dry. I will never, EVER use them for anything again, and I encourage you to do the same.