A quick update, friends.

9 days after my last communication, IKEA has continued to ignore me. What the hell kind of company simply ignores a customer who is rightly outraged at their defective product and miserable customer service?

I started to compose a new email when I just stopped. They’re not interested in what I have to say. Which is why I’m taking back to the blog, because you’re listening. And you’re so much more important than they are. The more people who know how poorly they operate, the better. I hope IKEA has PR people checking the internet and they see this. Because they should be embarrassed. They should be mortified at how their company represents itself. I’ve been talking to people all over New York City about this, and they’re as bewildered as I am. You’re losing customers IKEA. I got a big mouth, and you’ve pissed me off enough that I’m not going to stop running it until things are made right.