I like to drive. I like music, and movies, and am a pleasant and happy person in general.

I read voraciously.

I probably love you.


7 Responses to “Who IS this jerk?”

  1. Amy Drouin Says:

    Congrats. It appears as if you’re on your way to a regular writing routine. I’ve been trying to do the same, rather unsuccessfully for months…props to you. I’ve enjoyed the entries.
    A. RICKY GERVAIS is performing for the very first time in the US on May 19th at the GARDEN!!! My boyfriend and I saw him last year at the Princeton Club for a press interview. He’s simply amazing.
    B. About a year ago I was approaching the Graham entrance to the L train and I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks at the sounds of “Dancing on the Ceiling”. At the intersection of the Graham and Metropolitan was a rusty van blaring that song. The guy in the front seat was jamming..and I ended up going to a cafe and developing his whole backstory that he was reliving the time he was in high school but failed to go for the girl he wanted only to be recently sent an invitation to his high school reunion which prompted him to dig out his old school albums including Lionel Richie. I greatly appreciated that mention. It’s too bad Lionel has a beast of a daughter.
    3. I was going to type something else but I completely forgot. Hmmm…..

  2. highoctaneblonde Says:

    So I’m not as funny as you are, and I’m clearly no writer, but I have been having a go of it. You Rock, Jamie! I totally wanna BE you.

    I especially enjoyed your Easter confession, and your Amtrak Rant. You’re the new daily obsession, and when you don’t post I get sad and anxious. So keep doing cool stuff on your lunch break. I have nothing to think about if you don’t…

  3. ling Says:

    your blog makes me laugh (in a good way) during some really tough days. a nice google discovery. 🙂

  4. shesajerkbutshesright Says:

    Thank you! I enjoy writing it.

  5. Anna Says:

    Ha, no you don’t.

  6. Corey Says:

    One of my favorite things to do is read your blogs aloud to Julie and laugh and laugh. A bag of kittens? Brilliant. How we adore a view into your meandering mind. Love it. LOVE it and you.

  7. Matthew Wolf Says:

    Hey, great website. I came across it while watching The Ring and seeing a StarTac phone. I remember that phone used to be awasome so I curiously Googled it and came across a picture of one on your website. After reading the story I laughed. Keep up the good work.

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