Opinions makes the world go round. They’re what make conversation exciting, debate thrilling, and making up…more fun. Opinions are great, and we’ve all got ’em.

Today on the 405 we saw this car that had some pretty disgusting, home-made bumper stickers talking smack about President Obama, and claiming that the driver (an old white dude) was a “real American.” It was sad. But you know what? That’s his opinion, an as long as he doesn’t hurt my beloved President, he can go on talking stupid shit for the rest of his miserable life (see that? That was my opinion, that this guy was a massive waste of space and oxygen). 

Long story short, although I write this for the amusement of friends, it is inevitable that strangers will read it. And that’s cool too. Though I call myself a jerk, the spirit of this blog is a playful one. I make fun of myself as much as I make fun of the next guy or girl. But when strangers leave mean, idiotic comments, I’m not going to publish them. Don’t waste your time, or mine.