So….holy shit. Let’s take a moment here to observe Dame Maggie Smith, (Age 76, cancer survivor) newly minted action heroine.

This new one-sheet, for the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, is truly the epitome of badassery. Allow me to simply draw your eye to the lower portion of the image, where the force of Dame Maggie’s magic throwin’ has caused copious, Dexter-esque blood spatters to scatter across her posters.

That’s right, folks. Classically trained actors don’t fuck around. BLOOD SPATTERS? Also, the strapline “It All Ends” is not only referring to the series conclusion, but also to your life if you cross Dame Maggie.


1. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m completely jealous of this girl’s body. Implants aside, she looks great.

2. That being said, I hate this new costume. Blue spandex pants? If we’re going to update my beloved Wonder Woman, let’s not get her something that looks like I got it at Ricky’s blowout sale. We can even make the costume some kind of all-black, motorcycle thing and give her a “Batman Begins” kind of treatment. It’s just sad that my Halloween costume looks better, and probably cost $3000 less.

3. I hope this TV show gets some serious fixes before (and if) it ever gets to air.

4. Crazy red lipstick?????

Warning: This is hilarious and gory.

For allowing people across America, nay the world, to see this very very funny sign someone posted. Whoever you are, I salute you.

Oh dear Charlie Sheen

You’re not Dionysus, son.

Hot Shots! is ruined.

Despite the fact that the daughter is THE WORST AND MOST ANNOYING character ever created.



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